Thursday, 11 August 2011

Random Updates In Life

What is going on in my life

1, I can't wait for tomorrow, I AM GOING TO PRIMARK! major excited, even more than a small child on Christmas (the nearest one is 1 and a half hours away) So yeah I don't often just get to pop into cheap goodies when I want. I just can't wait to delve into all the Autumn collection, i've seen so many nice things on peoples blogs!

2,  EXAM RESULTS - ahhhhh. yes I am crapping my pants, at around 8:30am next week I will have a envelope that tells me if i'm in uni or not, pretty major stuff.
I'm needing 240 points to do a sport science degree at Manchester Met in Crewe, hopefully I worked my little butt hard enough to get that. If I do get my results that's it a month later and ill be living the life of a student ohh yeahh 8)

You are now randomly updated and i'm off to finish gutting out my room


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