Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ups and Downs

I haven't done a post in a little while, I just haven't had the time been a little busy bunny
Thought i'd tell you about my haul last Friday.
I got up bright and early ready for a mass spend in Blackpool, I ventured to Primark first and was pretty disappointed :( I think they were lacking in all the good stuff! I barely bought anything worth telling you about.
I bought one dress which when I got home it didn't really look right on but I still like it.
One chiffony type blouse which I LOVE and I will be buying more of, I dont really know why I didnt get them in other colours.
Finally, I practically bought a new underwear draw, mine was getting pretty outdated and tatty, so yeah, it was packets of socks and tights galore.
The jewellery selection was awful I didn't find one thing! and that's not me and an 
accessories freak :) 
So after the disappointment in Primark i ventured to the more expensive ranges like Topshop and Miss Selfridges and I didn't really want to buy anything BUT I saw hanging in the sale rail  this little beauty   

A Bikini :) not your average autumn buy but I looovee it!
There is good reason why I needed one, I am going to Center Parcs with my boyfriends family  next week! it was a bit of a short notice, he text me while I was in Blackpool saying they had booked a holiday with me :) now i'm excited
Its from Topshop and it Should of been £26 but it was £10, that's quite a bargain
And it was the only one and it was in my size now that bikini was meant for me haha  

It looks really nice on (I can tell you I look like a beached whale, I hate bikinis and exposing my body in public but I really liked how this looked on me) I t's a kind of a balcony type top with a halter neck strap you can take off, it also has little gold cubes at the end of the straps which I thought made it look expensive :) it has small ruffles on the front and also ruffles on the bum

   Finally, I am getting my results tomrrow! and I am cacking my pants, i'm really nervous but also really excited at the same time, this time tomorrow I will be sat in the pub either celebrating or drowning my sorrows. Either way I will be utterly gazebowed :)

Much love and wish me luck!

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