Monday, 8 August 2011

I Found a Mirror!

Just before I gutted out my room, me and my nan went shopping for bits and bobs and we went into this charity furniture shop type thing and this beauty caught my eye!

(sorry the piccies arn't too brilliant, I had to use my phone)

Excuse the mess I was gutting

I'm in love with it!.. bet you can't guess how much it cost ;)

A whole £11

bargain yet! 

I haven't finished gutting my room yet but I also purchased a makeup/jewellery box which was a sewing box but it suits its purpose :)
I shall upload some piccies of it too 

eeep I cant wait to sit down in my own room and do my make up instead of sitting in mums doorway hogging the mirror 

now time for sleep I didn't know I had so much crap to move about