Friday, 2 September 2011

My little spend :)

If you've read previous posts, i went to Manchester on Tuesday so i thought id post some of the things i found whilst  on my budget spend! (i need to save money for uni) 

 Firstly, the all mighty Primark! 

Firstly, i picked up a couple of cardigans as its pretty much wintery weather all the time now and its my favourite season <3 i just love all the big thick cardigans and big cosy jim jams and mr pig my hot water bottle, its impossible to get "cosy" in winter.


This is the second cardigan i picked up, i really liked it at first so it was straight in the basket, i love the colour and its a big chunky cardigan what's not to like haha, unfortunately when i got home i wasn't impressed by Primarks careless attention to the quality. One of the pockets was falling off! its a good job i can sew and mend things. but hey its Primark, nothing is going to be top quality for that price!

£2 each

These two tops were hanging in the sale rail, should of been £4 each but were reduced to £2, there just two plainish tops that will go well under things and i don't have vests in these colours so i took my chance. they didn't have them in my size but i thought they would be okay to be big and floaty to wear tucked in with things :)


These PJ's are amazing! they look a bit creased is because i was wearing them, 
I love these for many a reason, there spotty, there cosy, there huge, AND THEY HAVE POCKETSSSS!
£4 - Dolly Shoes                          £5 Booties

Shoessss, the dolly shoes are really comfy! i had them on yesterday, the should of been £8 but they were in the sale for £4 (i like a bargain) 
Also, the boots are to replace my good old faithfuls, i had a nice pair of these boots from Matalan and i wore them everywhere, sadly there all out of shape and are huge for me now so i invested in these simple inexpensive basics, there really comfy though which was a supprise, However, due to the price i'm not holding out that they last long.

I also bought a whole load of underwear socks and tights, there not that interesting though :) 
And also a bronzer pallette thingy, it should of been £4 or £5 and i think i got it  for £2  

I was really gutted with the jewellery again :( i couldn't find anything that stood out and i needed to have, i'm in search of some new bits and bobs 

Then i popped into the one and only Lush <3
( Sorry the pictures upside down, i'm sure you know what it is! )

I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to lush as we don't have one near us but i thought id give something a try

I bought the blue skies bubble bar which smells AMAZING
The description is "patchouli will sharpen your wits, cinnamon leaf will warm & stimulate you" Well i can definitely smell the cinnamon, i cant wait to use it. At the moment its sitting on my dressing table acting as a air freshener, it has made my room smell lovely :) 

Finally, i took my boyfriend to Afflecks Palace, he'd never been! i was gob smacked. He absolutely loved it, i could of bought so much stuff in there, its full of wondrous nick nacks and beautiful vintage pieces. I managed to come out with one thing which was a vintage looking blazer, i don't have any blazers so i felt the need to buy one aha, i havent taken a picture unfortunately, its very creased!
This was the best thing about it, it was reduced down to £10!
Well that was my little haul i'd love to do more haul posts and there will be more in the future, i cannot save money for my life!

When you get paid do you feel you need to buy a whole shop straight away? Anyone got any big  musts i should buy from lush next time? 

Much love xo


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  1. I love your buys from primark, they are doing some lovely PJ's at the minute! x