Monday, 29 August 2011

Hi Lovelies

Yes i'm bored.

Well.. the picture has no relevance to this post, i found it whist sorting out my documents on my lappy and it amused me <:

I want a decent camera so i can start blogging pretty pictures and other random pointless things in my life because i like to instead of this crappy webcam! i may steal my boyfriends canon <:

IM SOO BORED, i really want to do something like "insert interesting thing to do here" OH i know what i can do i could bake some cupcakes or cookies mmm...

tell you what i had a really good time last night in the least interesting place in england, A tribute act called Kazabian played (you may of heard of them, there from hull) and my boyfriends band supported, they were both awesome! Me being kind of like a groupie i got to go into the bands dressing rooms and drink all the free beer :) we got sozzled haha,
i'm not really a one to drink too much or stop out late (party pooper over here) noo i just end up falling asleep! we didnt get back till 3am, most surreal night ever, i just enjoyed going up to people saying oh yeah this is Kasabian, most people replying with "ohh what wow" ahaa <:

Just got to wait till tomorrow now and im going to MANCHESTER shop shop shopping, excited muchh

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